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"Duane is an awesome bass teacher. He clearly gives a lot of thought to his lessons and to how he teaches. I love the way he challenges me with different types of pieces and genres to play. It seems like he knows every song ever written! I love learning music theory, too. Lessons with Duane rock!"

Shari Broder
"Lessons with Duane are sick!"
Ryan Began
Teaching Studios



Home Studio

$50/hour, $30/half hour







University of Maine at Augusta*



* availability subject to academic year and scheduling


Whatever comes to mind when you think of lessons, put that aside.  I can get you playing music now.  I've been teaching now for over fifteen years with a wide range of experience.  Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Guitar; Jazz, Rock, Folk, Reggae, Funk, Pop; one on one, groups, ensembles, clinics, classes, you name it.  But don't take my word for it, take Ryan's, a lesson with me could be sick.


For $50 a month Upright Basses are available to rent to students in the local area.  Limited stock, inquire for more details.

Lesson Books


In no particular order, I freely use any combination of these depending on the student.

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